medicare, insurance, and adjustable beds

Will insurance pay for my adjustable bed?

Medicare, Insurance, and Adjustable Beds

In some cases, users can be reimbursed for the purchase of an adjustable bed, however, in most cases it will be through an insurance company and not Medicare.

Depending on the insurance company, some will cover adjustable beds and some won’t - even with a doctor’s order. It all boils down to whether a medical need exists and can be proven, although the quality of the customer’s insurance will also play a part. This is a viable option for people who are able to demonstrate that the ability to elevate the head or foot area during sleep would assist in relieving pain or discomfort.

Medical needs can vary and not all are recognized by insurance or Medicare. Conditions that are usually recognized as being helped by adjustable beds include heart, breathing and digestive problems, poor circulation and various other ailments that cause a person to have muscle pain or soreness and the need to change positions multiple times in short periods or be unable to sleep in a traditional flat bed due to pressure points.

Generally, some insurance companies will cover non-hospital-type adjustable mattresses if their use has been prescribed by a doctor for a specific medical purpose under the expense category of durable medical equipment. The doctor’s prescription would be required in most cases before the bed is purchased and would need to be submitted along with the purchase receipt for reimbursement. This use may not be covered in cheaper levels of insurance coverage but may be more likely available in plans that have a stronger payout rate.

On the other hand, Medicare typically does not consider Adjustable Beds as a medical necessity and does not cover them. With proper doctor documentation, Medicare will cover twin-sized hospital beds but only through a required process.

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