Amerisleep vs Purple Mattress Reviews

The Amerisleep AS2 vs The Original Purple Mattress

We'll start our comparison by looking at the mattresses from each brand.
We picked the AS2 to represent Amerisleep. It’s our most affordable bed with targeted support and pressure relief. Research shows 81% of mattress buyers want this type of support. We picked the Original Purple Mattress because we feel it shows the best value Purple offers. We think the New Purple Mattress may actually cost more money for worse performance.
  • Mattress depth
    The thicker mattress is the AS2, which stands 12" tall. The Original Purple Mattress has a 9.5" mattress depth.
  • Mattress cover
    The AS2 incorporates a fabric determined by FDA to promote better sleep1. The Purple just uses viscose, polyester, and lycra.
  • Price
    Since the AS2 costs $100 more than the Original Purple, Purple has the edge in the price category.
  • Peer-reviewed studies
    The AS2 also uses materials proven in peer-reviewed trials - while the Original Purple Mattress does not2.
  • Targeted cushion and support
    While both mattresses offer pressure relief, the AS2 is the only one to provide targeted cushion and support for sensitive areas with our HIVE® technology.
  • Support zones
    The Original Purple Mattress doesn't offer designated support zones, while the AS2 provides five to cover the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet.
  • Breathability
    Both mattresses feature a comfortable and cooling support layer, which wicks away heat.

The AS2 receives a positive score in six out of seven categories (86%). The Original Purple only gets a two out of seven (29%).

The Companies

Now, let us focus on the brands behind the products to compare Purple and Amerisleep as companies.
  • Risk-free trial
    Both Amerisleep and Purple get positive marks for offering a 100-night trial. Beyond that though, Amerisleep beats Purple in the five other categories.
  • Customer reviews
    99% of Amerisleep customers rate us three or more stars5. Only 93% of Purple customers rate them three or more stars6.
  • Number of mattress models
    Amerisleep has five models, ranging from firm to soft. Purple only has four. That means Amerisleep gives customers more ways to find the perfect bed.
  • Product warranty duration
    Amerisleep protects its customers for twice as long by offering 20 years of coverage. Customers are eligible for a full mattress replacement within the first decade. Over the second decade, the warranty provides prorated coverage. Purple only offers 10 years of full coverage.
  • Product Warranty standards
    The warranty covers any sagging deeper than 0.75 inches. Purple's warranty doesn't cover you until sagging reaches a full inch. Mattresses that sag over time can force your body out of alignment. And sagging can cause painful pressure points.
  • Track record & years in business
    Amerisleep has been in business for 12 years, beginning in 2006. The team behind Purple invented their patented machine in 2013. But Purple the company did not start until 2015 - just 3 years ago.

Amerisleep receives a positive score in all six categories (100%).
Purple only scores one out of six (16.7%)

The Science

Much of Purple's marketing focuses on the supposed scientific support for their materials. They claim their beds are “Scientifically engineered…” They also argue a Purple mattress is "Science you can sleep on."3
But during our research, we did not find a single reference to a peer-reviewed study about Purple. Nor did we find any certifications from government agencies.

For contrast, Amerisleep uses two materials
featuring scientific, third-party proof

  • 1 A third-party, peer-reviewed study showed our HIVE® layer reduces pressure points 49%2.
  • 2 The FDA determined our mattress cover promotes increased comfort and more restful sleep. It uses a fabric called Celliant®, which qualifies as a medical device under section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act1.
So which mattress do you think is really "backed by science"?


Many consumers prefer to support businesses that make it their mission to protect the environment and
produce eco-friendly products.
  • CertiPUR-US® certification
    Both Amerisleep and Purple receive positive marks for having a CertiPUR-US® certification. However, Amerisleep outperforms Purple in the two remaining categories.
  • Plant-based foam
    Amerisleep uses foam made partially from plant-based materials. That's more sustainable than other mattresses, which use 100% petroleum (crude oil). Purple does not mention using materials made partially from plants.
  • Zero-emissions manufacturing
    Amerisleep also manufactures its foam with a process called Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF). With this patented technique, the foam comes together in a closed chamber. Any emissions get trapped in carbon filters, so it produces virtually zero pollution8.

Amerisleep earns a positive score in a perfect three out of three categories (100%).
Purple only hits one out of three (33%).

See what makes Amerisleep different

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Comparison Chart

The Mattresses Amerisleep AS2 The Original Purple Mattress
Mattress Depth 12" 9.5"
Cooling Support Layer
Fabric Certified by the FDA1 for Better Sleep (Celliant®)
Peer-Reviewed Studies of Mattress Materials 2 3
Target Cushion and Support for Sensitive Areas
# of Overall Support Zones 5 N/A
Queen Price $1,099 $999
Total 6/7 2/7
The Companies Amerisleep Purple
Customer Satisfaction 99% of Amerisleep Customers Rate 3+ Stars out of 5 on Our Site5 93% of Purple Customers Rate 3+ Stars out of 5 on Their Site6
# of Mattress Models (Firmness/Softness Options) 5 4
Free Trial Length 100 Nights 100 Nights
Total Warranty Coverage 20 Years 10 Years
Warranty Requirement Sagging of 0.75" or more Sagging of 1" or more
Years in Business 12 3
Total 6/6 1/6
Sustainability Amerisleep Purple
CertiPUR-US® Certified
Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Material
Uses Zero-Emission Foam Production Process (VPF)
Total 15/16 4/16

Comparison Conclusion

In this 16-point comparison, the AS2 receives a positive score in 15 out of 16 categories (94%). The Original Purple, on the other hand, only gets a four out of 16 (25%). Amerisleep beats or ties Purple in every category but one. Purple did have the edge in price, with a $100 lower cost…

But is it worth saving $100 to sleep on a mattress — every night — that is 69 percentage points worse, based on our comparison?

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