10 Feel Good Videos to Watch Before Bed for Sweet Dreams

Amerisleep's 10 feel good vidoes to watch before bed

Sometimes, when you’ve had a hard day or just finished your 20th episode in a row of Supernatural, it can be hard to focus your mind on peaceful thoughts and sleep.

A mental palate cleanse of sorts may be in order to help restore your faith in the world and set the stage for peaceful, pleasant dreams packed with unicorns, rainbows and kittens rather than work deadlines, monsters, your social awkwardness and other horrors.

Designed just for your time of need, we’ve put together a list of ten of the internet’s best feel-good and relaxation videos that will fill you with awws, misty eyes and pleasant sighs as you drift off to dreamland.

The Top Feel Good Videos: A Bed Time Playlist

Here are some of the most awe-inspiring and heartwarming videos we found on the web, from babies to animals to people helping others.

Watch these to relax and unwind after a long day, or clear your head with some smiles. We put all of these together in a playlist on YouTube as well for easy watching later.

1) Supercut of Humans Being Good

If you need to restore your faith in humanity, this compilation of some of the best recent videos of humans acting humane ought to do the trick.

From saving strangers in danger to looking out for one’s neighbor, these inspiring acts of kindness should send you off with warm fuzzy feelings. Feel the feels.

2) Supercut of Cute Animals

Need to see some cute and furry critters? This compilation of super awesome animals just being cute might help you out.

From puppies to kitties to penguins, see some cuddly animals just being adorable doing their thing.

3) Free Hugs Campaign

A little creepy at first? Maybe, but still a simply touching video and concept demonstrating that humans can be kind and pleasant, too.

Sometimes a simple hug can make you feel a lot better, and there is evidence that human contact boosts feel-good chemicals in the brain.

The Free Hugs campaign has inspired numerous Youtube videos, even Oprah, and the results are always feel-good material if you want to see more.

4) Baby Laughs

Remember when simple things could entertain you for hours? These babies are overflowing with giggles, from one’s hilarious reaction to paper being ripped (which earned over 60 million views on Youtube by itself) to giggling at their parents’ faces.

Get inspired to find joy in the little things with this video, because it’s adorable, and because babies.

5) Lion Love

Couple rescues lion cub. Couple raises lion cub. Couple releases lion to African wild when he becomes too big. One year later, couple goes to visit lion.

Fully grown lion recognizes his “parents” and lots of cat love ensues (take lessons Fluffy!) showing the deep bond between humans and animals. Really a heartwarming story, just don’t try it at home.

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6) Random Acts of Kindness

Another feel-good video compilation, this one shows several random acts of kindness from around the world.

From people helping people to people helping animals, there are still plenty of humans out there who pay it forward and do the right thing, making a positive difference in the lives of others.

7) Pay It Forward

A short movie about how ‘paying it forward’ with little acts of kindness like the ones in the previous video can go a long way.

The idea is that when people do small favors for one another, it can create a ripple effect of kindness as they carry the generosity throughout their day. A good reminder that even something that takes a few seconds can make your day and several others’ a little better.

8) Dreams in Action

Probably the neatest music video filmed in a bed. This song from Oren Lavie is gentle and calming, perfect for relaxing and getting ready for bed.

The video is quirky and cute, showing a sleeping woman acting out her whimsical dreams while asleep using the mattress as a canvas.

9) Bedtime Yoga

Tossing and turning or feeling restless? Try this simple and short yoga routine designed to be performed in bed in preparation for sleep.

The moves are demonstrated and narrated, and the whole routine is just a little over 3 minutes. Gentle stretching and mindful relaxation can be very helpful for relieving stress and preparing your mind for sleep.

10) Train to Sleepy Town

Several Youtubers have posted full-length videos of train rides from an engineer’s point of view, and while they aren’t particularly thrilling, the rolling landscapes and gentle forward motion can be your ticket to dreamland, especially if you generally fall asleep easy in trains and cars.

Put this on TV or your tablet to watch some neat scenery while drifting off.

Still awake? We hope you enjoyed this list of brain “palate cleansers” designed to clear your mind before bed.

One of the best ways to get better sleep is by developing a de-stressing routine like this one, and by putting down the electronics.

So go ahead and set the iPad down and get some beauty sleep. If you still find yourself tossing and turning due to an uncomfortable mattress, you can always take a look at Amerisleep’s dream-worthy memory foam beds!

Do you watch feel good videos before you go to bed? How do they impact your sleep? Do you dream happy thoughts because of them?

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