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How it works
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Create a personalized share link above to share the gift of better sleep with friends.

Everyone gets rewarded

When your friend buys a mattress through your share link, you’ll get a $75 Prepaid Visa® Reward1.

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Every time someone buys a mattress using your link, you’ll get paid2. So share away!

Frequent Questions

Is there a limit to sharing?

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer. So keep sharing and getting paid.

How do I get credit for my referrals?

A unique link is created for you the moment you share. So as long as your friend purchases a mattresses by using the link you’ve sent, then you’re all good.

When will I receive my money?

You’ll receive your $75 Prepaid Visa® Reward* gift card in about 7 days after your friend has made a mattress purchase.

1Swift Prepaid Solutions is the Service Provider for your Redemption Account and associated Card Accounts. Your Program Sponsor is the entity that marketed and/or distributed the reward, and is either a direct or indirect Client of Swift Prepaid.

2Referrer shall receive one (1) Reward valued at US $75 for each verified Qualified Referral generated by Referrer, but no more than five (5) Rewards in a calendar year (365 days).