Memory foam mattress
buying guide

Memory foam is a revolutionary way to rest. With advanced pressure relief and support, memory foam will help you to wake restored and refreshed for your day.

What memory foam offers.

Memory foam offers multiple benefits over traditional mattresses. The major benefit is the cellular structure that memory foam consists of. While typical coils are spaced throughout a bed, memory foam cradles your body at every point so you feel supported and relaxed.

Better Pressure Relief & Support.

With its continuous, full bodied design, memory foam envelops your body and provides unmatched pressure relief and pushes against your body to support it.

Faster Relief for Aches & Pains.

By conforming to your body at your pressure points, memory foam alleviates stress and pain you collect during the day.

No Motion Transfer.

With its advanced cell structure, memory foam subtly absorbs your motion so you can easily get in and out of bed without disturbing your partner.

Getting the right pressure relief & support.

When choosing a memory foam mattress, it is important to consider what mattress will provide the proper pressure relief and support for your weight, sleeping positions, and chronic pains.

Chronic Pain

Certain chronic pains make sleeping a challenge. If you suffer from hip or shoulder pain purchasing a mattress with more pressure relief will help to relieve these pains. If your back bothers you from day to day, consider upgrading to a mattress that is more supportive to ensure that your back doesn’t move into an uncomfortable position.

Sleeping Position

The position you find most comfortable at night has a large impact on the amount of pressure relief and support your mattress will require. If you don’t know your most common position, take a mental note of how you fall asleep and how you wake up. The position you wake up in is most likely your dominant sleeping position.